Azure DNS – Custom domain names

G’Day, this blog post is about using using custom domain names in Azure. I have recently bought a TLD – domain from Godaddy and would like to hook up my website to redirect to the same.

So this blog post will walk through how to go about it.


  • Have an Azure web application ready.
  • Buy a domain name and have access to the DNS registry for your domain provider
  • have patience for 24 hours, because nameservers do take their propagation time to reflect changes.

Get Started

To map a custom DNS name to a web based application, your App Service plan must be a paid tier In this step, you make sure that the App Service app is in the supported pricing tier.

Login to your Azure Portal – and find out the tier with which your application is deployed.

This application is fairly light,a blog site.

Map Domain –

We can use either a CNAME record or an A record to map a custom DNS name to App Service. Preference should be to use CNAME records for all custom DNS names except root domains (use A records).

  • An A record to map to the app’s IP address.
  • TXT record to map to the app’s default domain name <app_name> App Service uses this record only at configuration time, to verify that you own the custom domain. This can be deleted later on.

Sign in to the website of your domain provider, I have used Godaddy, domain registrar.

Every domain provider has its own DNS records interface, so consult the provider’s documentation. Look for areas of the site labeled Domain Name, DNS Configuration. Often, on that page and you can look for a link that is named something like Zone file, DNS Records, or Advanced configuration.

Also, lets add a TXT record.

End of post

Please be aware that depending on your DNS provider it can take up to 48 hours for the DNS entry changes to propagate. You can verify that the DNS propagation is working as expected by using Learn more

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